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The Pine Ridge Corvette Club

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July 21

BBQ at Kathy and Dennis'

July 22

BCC show Brampton

August 5

COSO show Simcoe

August 12

CWO show London Concours

August 14

Executive Meeting at Cathy and Steve's

August 18

BBQ at Joanne and Ken's

August 21

General Meeting At Van Dusen

September 8

CCCC awards & memorial cruise Essa

September 11

Executive Meeting at Jacqeline and Mike's

September 16

PRCC Summer's End

September 18

General Meeting at Sabiina's Pickering

October 9

Executive Meeting

October 16

General Meeting

November 13

Executive Meeting

November 20

General Meeting

December 8

PRCC Christmas Party

December 11

Executive Meeting

December 18

General Meeting